Sweet Time RNR Comp! (Sweet Time Records 2020)

Recalling my age in a certain period of time is always tricky. Like I turned 10 in 1976, but I was really 9 for most of ‘76. My birthday is October 31, so for me November 1st in like New year’s Day. I just got the Sweet Time RNR Comp!, which was released digitally on Nov. 17, but the vinyl didn’t get released until a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t consider it for my best of 2020 list (I simply forgot about it), so it’s eligible of 2021, right?

Hard to believe I haven’t seen a live band in nearly a year. My annual trip out to the Bay Area was cancelled along with so many other things. I really was considering trying to do more than one fest this year, and since I always give Tennessee credit for music, Sweet By Sweet Time 3 sounded like a great plan. Nashville’s Sweet Time Booking were not able to do their 3rd annual festival in 2020, so the record label department of Ryan Sweeney’s entertainment empire put together this swell compilation of bands that have played the fest before and some that most likely would have been there for the summer-ending party, if such a thing could have existed in 2020.

There’s no title anywhere on this product, but the official name is Sweet Time RNR Comp! What ya get is 26 hot trax from some of today’s most exciting Rock ‘N’ Roll/Garage-Punk misfits. It’s got a little bit of everything. There’s some ripping, lo-fi ‘70s-inspired Punk, bouncy New Wavers, Power-Pop infections, and even some R&B and Psych-flavored romances. A few these bands I’ve been following for a while, and been lucky to see a couple play live, but a lot of these bands are new to me, so that makes this all the more exciting. I walk away from every listen with a new favorite song and band! And Katie Turner’s wonderful cover artwork makes it the total package. The comic tabloid gatefold is a hoot, and we all can use a few grins these days. Fingers crossed we’re all grinning by the end of 2021.


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