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Killed By…2022

My favorite new and old music I listened to in 2022, plus some tributes to some of my favorites that left us this past year. I should have died. Hydroplaning is real, folks. I drive past the place of my... Continue Reading →

1966: That’s The Bag I’m In

Another birthday, another playlist! A few years ago there was some game I was playing here on the FB where I had to post a song from the year I was born. So in my typical fashion, I made a... Continue Reading →

Teenagers Gettin’ High

Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 at Three Links May 29, 2022 Killer New Slabs Of Dallas Texas Garage Punk Vinyl By THYROIDS And Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 On Turkey Baster Records When I lived in Austin in... Continue Reading →

My First Concert

40 years ago today, on February 2, 1982, I went to my first concert. You’re probably reading this on the 3rd or later so just roll with it. Well…technically… One of my earliest memories was going to a outdoor music... Continue Reading →

Born Losers

“Texas is still the most American of places, and the most extreme American place. It’s the pride and embarrassment of the nation. Many citizens may not have ever heard the words “Texas” and “punk rock” in the same sentence. When... Continue Reading →

Rattle Shakin’ Dance Party

Living in the jungle, it ain’t so hard Living in the city, it’ll eat out your heart ⁃ Johnny Thunders The best thing so far to happened in my 2021, besides getting fully vaccinated, is that my favorite band decided... Continue Reading →

Aliens, Zombies, Bigfoot, Alligators and Bloodthirsty Mermaids: Sweet Time RNR Comp! Delivers Punk Rock Conspiracy Camp and a Promise of Future Parties

Sweet Time RNR Comp! (Sweet Time Records 2020) Recalling my age in a certain period of time is always tricky. Like I turned 10 in 1976, but I was really 9 for most of ‘76. My birthday is October 31,... Continue Reading →

Foggy Notion: My 2020 Soundtrack

Here’s my list of stuff I liked in 2020. Actually, it’s not a list at all, but a playlist, because that’s what I do. It’s not what I thought were the best albums or songs, just what I heard that... Continue Reading →

Kiss Boom Bah – “Out of Our Tree” b/w “Marilyn A Go-Go” 45 (Sweet Time 2020)

Great modern Garage Rock from Philadelphia. Kiss Boom Bah pull the classic ‘60 Garage move of putting a sure thing, a cover tune, on the A-side and backing it with an original, an instrumental in this case. The killer artwork... Continue Reading →

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