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Rattle Shakin’ Dance Party

Living in the jungle, it ain’t so hard Living in the city, it’ll eat out your heart ⁃ Johnny Thunders The best thing so far to happened in my 2021, besides getting fully vaccinated, is that my favorite band decided... Continue Reading →

Aliens, Zombies, Bigfoot, Alligators and Bloodthirsty Mermaids: Sweet Time RNR Comp! Delivers Punk Rock Conspiracy Camp and a Promise of Future Parties

Sweet Time RNR Comp! (Sweet Time Records 2020) Recalling my age in a certain period of time is always tricky. Like I turned 10 in 1976, but I was really 9 for most of ‘76. My birthday is October 31,... Continue Reading →

Foggy Notion: My 2020 Soundtrack

Here’s my list of stuff I liked in 2020. Actually, it’s not a list at all, but a playlist, because that’s what I do. It’s not what I thought were the best albums or songs, just what I heard that... Continue Reading →

Kiss Boom Bah – “Out of Our Tree” b/w “Marilyn A Go-Go” 45 (Sweet Time 2020)

Great modern Garage Rock from Philadelphia. Kiss Boom Bah pull the classic ‘60 Garage move of putting a sure thing, a cover tune, on the A-side and backing it with an original, an instrumental in this case. The killer artwork... Continue Reading →

Turn It Up!

Thee Primitive Sound - Turn It Up! (Fuzzbomb Records 2020) pink splatter vinyl, 38 of 200 Long awaited debut from Red Deer, Alberta garage-punk/surf trio. Fantastic fuzz-heavy raunch ‘n’ roll and killer-on-the-road instro madness. How does a band surrounded by... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow Is A Long Time

A little over a year ago I got the DVD of the HBO documentary on Elvis Presley titled The Searcher. It’s fantastic. One moment that stuck with me most was when they discussed his recording of a Bob Dylan song,... Continue Reading →

My Record of The Week: Wanda Jackson – Blues In My Heart

Wanda Jackson - Blues In My Heart (Capitol 1965) The string period in Country music has always been a hard one for me to digest. I find strings on a Patsy Cline song are easier to listen to than a... Continue Reading →

Down The Road A Piece

It’s that time of year again when millions hit the road to visit family and friends, put on extra weight eating a smorgasbord of home cooking and sinful desserts, possible consumption of spirits and trying to avoid getting caught up... Continue Reading →

Boom! Go The Courettes!!!

“Introducing The Courettes”, a video interview/documentary by Janne Vuorela Here’s a wonderful arrival in my email. At first it said “no content”. Fortunately I didn’t delete it. When I came across it the second time, I saw what it... Continue Reading →

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