Thee Primitive Sound – Turn It Up! (Fuzzbomb Records 2020) pink splatter vinyl, 38 of 200

Long awaited debut from Red Deer, Alberta garage-punk/surf trio. Fantastic fuzz-heavy raunch ‘n’ roll and killer-on-the-road instro madness. How does a band surrounded by tall trees and lots of snowcapped mountain produce a soundtrack for driving through the American Southwest? IDK what geological inspirations they’ve pulled from, if any, but there’s actually some desert badlands in southern Alberta. TPS may not have intended this, but they are doing their part to boost Alberta tourism!

With some Motor City finesse by Jim Diamond, this stuff really follows in the tradition of all that is the Pacific Northwest Sound. There’s some direct homage to the cult of Estrus Records, from the spooky cover art & design by the legend, Art Chantry, to the powerful punch of the Mono Men, the Nomads and other Estrus alumni, including the radiation fallout of Calgary’s Von Zippers and Vancouver BC’s Spitfires. The title track just jumped to the front of the pack for Rock ‘N’ Roll Anthem of the Year. This records brings back the smells of beer, sweat and gasoline from the glorious days of late ‘90s punk ‘n’ roll. Hopefully some day I may get the chance to pump my fist and spill some beer in a room of other fellow Rock ‘N’ Roll freaks listening to Thee Primitive Sound’s deliverance. Until then…Turn It Up! “Play Loud, annoy everyone!!”

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