“Introducing The Courettes”, a video interview/documentary by Janne Vuorela

Here’s a wonderful arrival in my email. At first it said “no content”. Fortunately I didn’t delete it. When I came across it the second time, I saw what it was all about. Janne Vuorela is a video producer in Berlin who spent some time on the road with The Courettes last year, and made this cool little interview/documentary with them. The Courettes of course, are one of the most exciting and fantastic rock ‘n’ roll bands out there today. The Danish/Brazilian duo’s album We Are The Courettes is packed with atomic-fuzz powered garage rock and sugary girl-group pop, and it was one of my favorite records of 2018 (listed in my very first blog https://mojoworkout.wordpress.com/2018/12/30/first-blog-post/ ).

In the interview, Martin and Flavia Couri recount their international rock ‘n’ roll love story. They talk about their belief in the power and freedom of rock ‘n’ roll, and that they feel it can still save the world. They’re on a mission, like a crime-fighting duo, driving their all-black “Courettes-Mobile” to play more than 75 shows in the past year around Denmark and Northern Europe, as well as rocking out to Italy and England, and they hope to visit the USA, Australia and Japan someday. They also talk about their musical ambitions to play better and write better, possibly taking their sound beyond just Garage Rock. Vuorela joins them as they shop for vintage treasures and talk about their love of vinyl records, and how they keep that tradition going in the digital world. But the most mind-blowing part of the interview is the story of the arrival of their son during a tour and how they played the very next night after his birth. That’s dedication folks! Check this video out, listen to The Courettes, “dig deeper” and grab their records!


Also check out more of Janne Vuorela’s work here:


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