Lux Interior of The Cramps, performing at the Napa State Mental Hospital, Napa, California 1978 .

I’m gonna make a social media challenge here… We are all guilty of this. Well, some of us. Most of us. Stop using “RIP” for people who have been gone for a while. Today was the 60th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s death (along with Richie Valens and The Big Bopper) and tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the passing of The Cramps’ Lux Interior. Take a drink for every “RIP Lux” you see. You’ll be drunk or wired depending on what you’re drinking. Don’t play this game if it interferes with your work, especially if your a driver, surgeon, or work with explosive materials. And count on peeing a lot. When someone passes away, whether they are a loved one, a friend or and even someone notable that you admire and may have had an impact on your life, posting on Facebook “RIP” is ok, and I do it all the time. We hope for their body and soul to “Rest In Peace”, especially those who’ve suffered in their final days with some horrible disease like cancer or depression. We hope that they are no longer in pain and have moved on to another place. But a year later? Two? Ten? A hundred? Unless their zombie corpse is walking around (and we may want them to “Rest In Pieces”), it seems like a tired expression. It’s like saying “God bless you.” God doesn’t like being told what to do. And I’m certain after 60 years Buddy is at peace.

     Ok, I know some are saying “Whoa!” This is just my opinion. Feel free to disagree. Let me just explain that I don’t subscribe to any religion, and that’s not really what I’m getting at. It should be a given that after someone dies their bodies are resting. It’s the soul and the “in peace” part of it that I feel doesn’t need to be addressed down the road. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual beliefs are. It’s ok for a non-believer to think of the soul metaphorically. A year or more after someone passes, their soul should not be resting. It should rocking and rolling, screamin’ and shoutin’, movin’ and a-shakin’. It should be laughing and loving, and going for it. From the mountain tops to Blueberry Hill to the dance floor, the soul should be doing what we never have enough time for: living. As Lux would say “Let’s tear this damn place up!”

     Sorry, my brain is just rambling. I think social media is supposed be about the freedom of expression, so don’t listen to me. Do what you want. I also tell the deceased “Happy Birthday” all the time. It’s fun. Bon Scott knows. Marc Bolan said “Rock On”. John Lennon knows his name and I’ve seen his. Maybe “Rock On” is the better tribute? There may be nothing after this life, so let’s (metaphorically) set our souls on fire and set them free. Put on a record and let a little bit of joy into your life, or do whatever makes you feel good and hopefully brings a slice of happiness to someone else. Shake, rattle and roll. You’ll never do nothing (better) to save yer soul.

Rock on.

Update 1/1/2021: Sorry, I had posted a Spotify playlist here but last spring I closed my Spotify account temporarily. Let me try and post this again.