From the various reflections that I’ve seen from friends on Facebook today, 2018 has been a year that cannot end quick enough for them. Remember when everybody thought 2016 was the worst year, like ever? We lost David Bowie and Prince and a slew of other famous folks, and some acted like there was something very unusual about it. Then of course there was the outcome of the Presidential election. That nightmare has continued and 2018 has looked pretty bad on the surface. Yet I feel things are turning. We’ll just have to wait and see how 2019 sorts this stuff out, but I can‘t help but think 2018 was a year of change. For me personally 2018 has been exceptional. I witnessed  some incredible live shows, scored a ton of records, bought a guitar, spent quality time with friends and family. But I did lose some friends too. I’m gonna put Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” on before the night is over. And we all have lost friends, family and people we admired. The magical thing is how loss brings us together. Like seeing so many old Austin friends come out for the Howl for Mike Carroll. That was a day I’ll never forget…Or how many friends I saw at The Jesus Lizard show…Or the Surfbort show…Or that last brief moment that me and some high school buddies spent saying goodbye to one of our own…Or my cousin using my grandmother’s recipe for the best Lemon pie on earth! These things bring us together and make us stronger. See, it wasn’t that bad. Hey, I started a blog! And today someone quoted me. I got my first blurb! 2018 rules! Forgive me for what feels like a shameless plug, but one of my favorite moments of the year was the day when I got messages from Labretta Suede and Johnny Moondog sayin’ “post that shit up!” Sometimes bad news is good.

Happy New Year!!!